As a result of our successful Horse Racing fundraising evening, Rotalite had sufficient funds to help Colwill School with two different tasks:

First off the ranks was a project to add a fence and gate to fence off a play area next to the Community Hub building so that parents which have come to the Hub can allow their young children to play safely in the play area without concern they’ll wander off.

Many thanks to Brett Carroll from Nu Vision Homes Ltd who donated his time to organise this to happen, as well as providing some materials to us free of charge. We also were lucky enough to receive some free fencing panels from Dean at Woodhill Fences and Gates Ltd

The second part of our work at Colwill School was a project to tidy up their gardens by providing wooden edging to go around their trees as well as bark. We then tidied up their vegetable beds and replenished the soil so their classes can get back into learning how to cultivate their own veges.



Colwill project 1