The Henderson Rotary Club board has an entry criteria that applies to all organisations wishing to participate.
To participate, organisations must meet or exceed the criteria. It’s possible that some organisations may be asked
to provide additional information to support their application, if the board is unsure as to whether or not the criteria
have been met.

You must complete an entry form either online, or by downloading the entry form, filling it in and sending back to us.

Your place in the parade is not confirmed until we come back to you to confirm.

· All walking groups and floats must be decorated to an acceptable standard. Walking groups and floats that are not suitably
decorated may risk refusal.
· Prizes will be given to the best three floats and one best walking group.
· Floats must not contain anything of a sensitive or offensive nature.
· Please – no Santas on floats. There is only one Santa in the parade which will be on the main float.
· All participants riding on open floats shall have appropriate hand rails or hand grips readily available to them.
· No person shall be wired or tied to the float.
· Secured safety rails, barriers, or ropes may be used to prevent a fall from the float.
· No unsecured riders may be located where they might fall beneath the float, its wheels, or between the tow vehicle and float
(e.g. no seating on the rear edge of tow vehicle, or on the front edge of float).
· If present, children must be under adult supervision and seated at all times while in motion.
· Riders are to remain on the float once the Parade begins, and at all times when the float is in motion.
· Maximum float width is 4 metres. Maximum float height is 2 metres.
· Nothing is to be thrown out from your float. This includes sweets, balloons and water (no water pistols).
· No marketing material is to be handed out during the Parade unless prior approval has been granted.
· All props on board floats must be securely fastened.
· Alcohol consumption or smoking on the float is prohibited.
· All drivers must possess a valid driver’s license, class specific to the vehicle they are driving.
· Licenses may be checked on the day of the Parade.
· Vehicles must comply with the NZ Road Code regulations. All vehicles must be insured, registered, road worthy and in good
operating condition.
· The pack-down area is designed for you to dismantle your vehicle and make it road safe for removal. Plan for a driver to stay
with the vehicle at all times in the set-up and pack-down areas.
· Automatic vehicles are preferred but not mandatory. Manual vehicles are more prone to breakdowns due to excessive clutch
use during the Parade.
· Ensure your vehicle has a First Aid kit and a tool kit.
· All vehicles must have an observer in addition to the driver on board.
· All participants must listen to and comply with all directions given by the Parade Crew.
· Adults must be in charge of children on floats or in walking groups.
· Walking groups can only have a maximum of 25 people.
· No soliciting for funds by entrants.
· All Parade participants will assemble in the carpark located on Westgate Drive (opposite AA). This area will also be used
to pack-down.
· A map showing the Parade route and a health and safety document will be handed out to all entrants once applied and accepted.
· Upon your arrival at the assembly area, a member of the Parade Crew will direct you into position.
· Please instruct your driver to drive at a slow walking pace throughout the parade. Should a large gap open up between you
and the group in front, please pick up the pace slightly.