Henderson Rotary is proud to be partnering with the great people at Zeal in West Auckland to assist them in their amazing programme which is aiming to bridge the digital divide for young people in West Auckland who don’t currently have a computer that they can use for e-learning.

Not only is this a great educational project which is teaching students how to refurbish their own computer (which they then get to keep and take home and use for their studies), it is an environmental project keeping large numbers of computers out of the waste stream by refurbishing them and extending their lifespan.

Henderson Rotary is assisting this programme by pushing it out to our extended network of contacts to increase the number of machines being donated.

More information:

Bridge the digital inequality gap in West Auckland by donating your used PC laptops or desktops. Zeal are running programmes where rangatahi (young people) learn to refurbish a device and keep it.

We’re looking for:

In any condition: In working condition:
·         PC Laptops up to 10 years old
·         PC Desktops up to 10 years old, in any condition
·         PC Parts
(we are currently unable to process Macs)
·         Monitors
·         Keyboards
·         Mouse
·         Power, network, HDMI, VGA cables

Your impact

Some of our partner schools have up to 78% of students not set up for e-learning in future isolations/lockdowns. Your computer won’t just go to a good home, you’ll also be supporting a programme that:

  • teaches the skills to thrive in the digital world, learn and earn online, make friends and overcome the tough stuff
  • reduces tonnes of E-waste by diverting devices and parts. Extending the life of 1,000 devices by one year will have the equivalent environmental impact of taking 4 cars off the road for a year
  • is led by young people – we’ll support them to use their digital superpowers to achieve their goals, whether that’s building a gaming suite for their community or starting their own businesses
  • reduces carbon footprint by sourcing donated devices and parts locally

If you have something to donate, please fill in the form below. For a PDF flyer to distribute to your friends and contacts, see here: Donate devices to young PC recyclers